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Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili has been an MEP since 2014. She is currently the Vice-President of the European Parliament responsible for the Parliament’s ICT Innovation Strategy, Informatics & Telecommunications, STOA, CSR, foresight, and replacing the President for Middle East, business associations, and multilateral bodies.
Eva is the first woman to chair the STOA Panel and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence. She is a Member of the ITRE, ECON, BUDG, AIDA, and PEGA Committees. She has worked on promoting innovation as a driving force of the EU Digital Single Market, drafting legislation on blockchain, big data, fintech, AI, cybersecurity, EFSI2, InvestEU, and FuelEU Maritime.
Eva has been a Member of the Greek Parliament. Before that, she worked as a journalist. She has a BA in Architecture and Civil Engineering, and postgraduate studies in European Politics.

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